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Maidstone Mechanical is a locally owned and operated workshop and has been trading from the same Queen Street site for over 34 years. 
The original business was named Maidstone Mufflers and was primarily an exhaust and shock repair workshop. Over the years the shop changed adding many more services and investing in equipment and excellent staff to become what it is today.  The name was then changed to better reflect the shop and its capabilities.  

Our team have over 137 years combined experience and each staff member brings strong individual skills to allow us to cover almost all repairs.
Glenn has owned the shop for over 23 years.  Glenn has worked in 4 different garages around Wellington and has over 35 years experience repairing cars.  He specializes in exhaust work of all kind.
Lindsay is a very well known and respected, local mechanic with over 45 years experience.  Lindsay is an extremely hard worker and a huge asset to the shop, there isn't much Lindsay hasn’t done or knows about.  He always goes the extra mile and has half of Upper Hutt as his own personal customers.  He took 1 holiday back in the sixties and had ½ a day off sick 7 years ago.  He has now retired but we cant keep him away luckily for us!

John has many years experience in the automotive industry.  He has worked in both parts and service.  He has worked in the same role at another local garage.  He brings many skills and is a very important part of the shop.  He now runs all day to day aspects of the shop.  He ensures everything runs smoothly.  He is the first point of call for our customers.

Simon is a well known and respected local mechanic.  He spent 24 years at local garages before coming to us and many more years experience before that.  He also has a back ground in the exhaust and undercar industry. He is a great mechanic with an excellent attitude, he always looks at the positive side.  He spent many years racing speedway and loves go carting.  His father is a mechanic and all things automotive are definitely in his DNA.   

Josh has joined the team and is a very well thought of mechanic and person.  He is very capable and enthusiastic.  He covers all mechanical duties and any admin duties as required to ensure the company runs smoothly.  He has many years automotive experience and has worked in several workshops giving him a wide array of skills. His customer service is excellent and work standards extremely high.  

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