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We are a full vehicle brake repair workshop, we specialise in all aspects of car brake system repairs.  We have 3 lathes and carry out all our own brake machining requirements in house.  We have 2 scan tools which enable us to diagnose abs brake system faults and clear fault codes.  


We machine brake disc rotors and drums for other workshops and the general public.  We can machine hub type discs "on the car" so there is no chance of damaging wheel bearings. 

We can make solid brake and fuel lines to almost any requirement.  We have a huge network of brake parts and can repair vintage or unusual components as good as new.  

Most repairs can be done on the same day or even within a few hours if you are booked in.

If your brakes are shuddering, squeeking, grinding or doing something unusual, we can fix them.

We specialise in clutch repairs and have our own flywheel grinder.  We machine the flywheel on every clutch job to ensure perfect results and a full guarantee with the work.  We use exedy clutch kits to ensure quality results.  We always replace the engine rear main seal and gearbox oil at the time of the job to ensure no future problems.  We machine flywheels for local garages and DIYer's.

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